About me

My husband, Jacques (yes he is French) and I (American) live on 2 continents.  We own a 300 year old farm house in Provence called the Mas de la Fourbine.  In the fall, we harvest olives from about 700 trees, which are then made into amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  In the spring we spend several months at the house doing repairs and getting it ready for the wonderful people who rent the Mas during the summer months. (Yes, you too can move in and we will move out.)

The rest of the year, we live in California, just south of San Francisco with our labrador retriever, Penny Lane. Two of my children live in California and the third, lives in France.

When we first bought the property, people asked me what we did to keep busy in France.  I decided that if I wrote a blog and shared stories and photos of our life there, I wouldn’t be imposing upon my friends who were just being polite when they asked me what we did in France.  And thus, my blog got a start.

If you would like to see photos of our French home, please check out our website.  http://www.masdelafourbine.com

Thank you for coming and reading my stories.


14 thoughts on “About me”

  1. marilyn reilly said:

    Hi Judy and Jacques

    Love the blog. Good job. The boars make me nervous. they are not nice animals, even if they are cute. I entered my email to follow your blog. Looking foward to all the news from France. Marilyn


  2. I presume Jacques is French? Sounds like an interesting lifestyle.


    • Yes, he is French. He was born in the charming town of Rodez. We will be going for his Dad’s 94th birthday, so i’ll take a few pictures unless it is poring rain.


  3. Nice to find your blog. I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about Provence – a place I’ve always wanted to go!


    • France is such a beautiful country. I suppose we appreciate everything that is different from where we live. Thank you for following my blog.


      • I’ve just started research for a new novel I’m writing which takes place in the French countryside — particularly on the canals. This is all in the preliminary stages so I’m not sure which canal yet. I’ve never been to the French countryside so I will certainly enjoy taking a look through your blog to see the beautiful images.


      • We are a few miles from les Baux. I will continue to take pictures with you in mind. Let me know if you want me to focus on anything.


  4. Judy, your life seems out of a dream but I know as they say, nothing in life is perfect. Your blog is lovey. Have visited France a few times but never Provence…Today there are blizzard warnings and snow once again predicted in CT. I dream of the sun and warmer days… 🙂


    • Kathy that is so kind of you to say. We are indeed fortunate to live in 2 beautiful places. Right this minute I am happy to be in sunny California (expected temperature around 78). This is definitely not the winter to be on the east coast. I saw the reports on the snow in Boston last night. I hope you will be able to visit Provence. There is so much to see.

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  5. J’aime la France!!!


  6. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See! It’s been such a pleasure to read your posts — we both wish we could spend a month or two traveling around France after seeing all your gorgeous photos. Best wishes for continued success in blogging!


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