We all want to be young, but every once in a while, it pays to be “old”.  I was so excited to have made it to the eligibly list, over 65, for the coronavirus vaccine. 

My sister called me a week ago or so and asked; “Did you get on the list. “  My response was “what list?”   “The Covid-19 vaccination list at Stanford.” she answered.  I immediately went  to my computer and found a spot for myself on the “LIST”.  My appointment was for 2:05 on Friday, January 29th.  

Jacques drove me over to Stanford.  I hopped out of the car and headed toward THE LINE.  There were 2 people waiting and they didn’t look very serious, so, I went around them to see how many people were really in the building waiting to get in.  No one was there except the gatekeeper.  He said, “Come on in and let’s get you started.”  I responded, “I’m early. My time is in a half hour.”  He said, “That is ok.”  So, I went in.  He directed me a table where there was 1 person.  The person was almost finished and then it was my turn.  I showed my driver’s license and got my vaccination card.  They were giving out the Moderna vaccine that afternoon.

Then I was off to a second line.  This one would direct me to a nurse who would give me the shot.  This time there were 8 people waiting.  But it went quickly. I was given the shot which I never felt. (It must have been a very small needle).  I was then directed to sit in another chair for 15 minutes. This is in case you have a  negative reaction to the medicine and so someone can come by and give you an appointment for the second vaccination.  The 15 minutes went by very quickly and I left the building. 

About 12 hours later I did get a reaction from the vaccine. It was just like a flu shot; my arm became rather sore.  This lasted another 12 hours and then I was fine.  I’ve heard that the reaction to the second vaccination could be more pronounced than the first one.  I am not worried because I think it is essential to be vaccinated. 

I’d love to hear how you are doing.  Have you gotten your vaccinations yet. Are they easy or hard to sign up for?  It is quite a journey, but if this is the path that we must all follow to be able to hug our love ones, then I will continue down this path.