Alas, I am not in France. Normally I would have left San Francisco in mid or late – October. After all, there are olives to be picked and then transferred into bottles. When I left France last summer, OK I was chased out by covid 19, I expected to return in the fall. I got the message that my flight through London had been canceled at least 3 times.  So we decided that we were tempting fate and we stayed home.

Since we weren’t going to be there in the fall, I decided that I would need an experienced assistant.  I am thrilled to have found Mary Lou.  She has lots of farm experience. The only problem with her is that her reports and photos of the work done during the day aren’t very clear. It is a good thing that my son Niko has also been willing to help out.  

This is Mary Lou.  She promised that she would help out more when they plant some fruit trees in January.