July 24th, 2020

I’m finally on my way back to California after being in France about four and a half months. I flew a British Airways plane this morning from Marseille to London. The plane was pretty full. They separated everyone by not using the middle seat. Now I am on a British Airways Dreamliner plane and I’m the only person in first class. There are five people and a baby in business class and in coach there are 20 or so people.  I think they said there are less than 30 people on the flight, including the pilots and flight attendants. 

British gives everyone a little package that is called a personal protection pack. There is a hand sanitizer gel and an anti-bacterial towel in it. This way you can wipe down your seat and your hands.  However, if you go to the website for British Airways, you will see that they are very careful about wiping down all the surfaces that passengers might touch.

Being alone is very strange. I sent a text to my sister and she said it is the closest I will ever come to flying private.  It is very strange to find yourself alone in any section of an airplane.

There is a problem with the plane. I’m not sure what it is, but we will definitely be late arriving in San Francisco.

We can’t go any where. Why you may ask. The plane taxied to the edge of the runway where the pilot put on the “hand” break. When it was his turn to leave, the plane wouldn’t move. Some hours later the engineers were summoned to repair the problem. Nothing they tried worked. The so called “hand break” stayed on and finally, about 3 hours later, the people in charge decided to have the 20 passengers get off and take tomorrow’s flight. 
We are housed at the Renaissance hotel. The room was fine and the bed comfortable. However the food here is not very good. They need a new chef. 

My new flight will be leaving at 2. That will give me lots of time to check out the airport shops. I wonder how many people will be on today’s flight. 

Today there are two paying passengers in first class, the pilots from yesterday, about eight people in business class and 50 or so people in Coach. Like yesterday, we taxied out to the runway and this time we were able to leave. Our flight arrived on time in San Francisco. The flight was very pleasant and I got through security in San Francisco very quickly.
The only thing that was different was we all had to fill out a paper asking where we had been in Europe and how we were feeling medically. I spoke with a very nice woman from the CDC. She asked me how I was feeling and where I had been. She also asked that I stay in self quarantine at my home.

I’ve now been home for two days and I am basically spending time straightening up and staying out of the house and away from my husband. Only 12 more days to go.