I don’t know about you but I get too many emails. I love the mail that is from my friends and my family. Its the other stuff that I hate. I am careful to flag my mail so I won’t throw away the pieces that I need to look at and read again. Just the other day I needed to review something that I received in 2015. It took me hours but I found it.

Then I noticed how many items I have clothed in flags. Red flag = 2116. Tell me, how did that happened. I can’t possible have needed to save 2116 emails. The color that wins second prize is Purple with 250 flags. Good heavens, this is ridiculous. Orange is third at 94 and blue is fourth at 84. There is a tie between yellow and green at 44. Poor old gray is at 0.

How about all the email that I neglected to throw away. They are just sitting there. They aren’t in folders. They are just waiting. Waiting for what, I ask. Sometimes I think about cleaning house and dumping those emails. However that thought only lasts about 10 minutes. I close my computer and head out with my mask to do something important.