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Most people have dogs or cats.  Robin and Niko have a 10 year old german shepherd, Lulu, and 4 chicken.  I have a black lab, Pennylane, and some doves. yesterday I read something about training your dog to be that wonderful citizen that we all dream of having.  The training takes 3-5 minutes a day using food, toys and games.  My dog will like this a lot, seeing how she is a labrador. But Penny is in California and I am in France.

That means that I will need to find a replacement for Penny.  Robin and Niko are dubious about how well Lulu will do but I will give it a go.  Maybe I can also train the chickens.  They already come when we call them if we have food.

So I started on Lulu, who once she figured out the food was involved, was willing to give it a try. I fed her by throwing her dinner on the floor.  She is 10 years old and found this a fine way to eat.  Then I tried it will the chickens.  They liked eating out of our hands but you have to be quick or they “bite” your fingers as they want to be first.

Today I took the act outside.  I dropped bread crumbs, well bigger than crumbs more like croutons, on the ground.  The chickens thought this was a great game.  I will work on this with Lulu a bit later. Olivier and Juliette will be more than happy to help out.  And we  will add some voice cues.

Hey, it will keep the 5 and 7 year old busy and it is some thing to do at home while we are in quarantine.