My mother was 93 years old.  She told the doctors at the hospital that she had lived a wonderful life and that it was time to go.  I of course didn’t agree because I wanted her to live forever.  She wanted to go home and die a peaceful death.  She did just that.

My mother was a very strong woman.  Dad died in 2010 and Mom carried on.  She did all the things she wanted to do.  She told the doctors that she she had been living for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She was probably my best friend.  She has been gone a few weeks and my first response to something happening is to turn to the phone and call her. I am very lucky because I have had her in my life for 71 years.  (No, I don’t feel that old.)


Mom is in the middle.  She was probably 2 or 3 years old.

Mom a bit older

Mom with her brother in San Francisco she was probably 10- 12 years old

If Mom at 13


Mom in high school

Mom about age 20

mom was married  at age 21This photo was probably taken in about 1955 so Mom would have been 30.  


Mom at 85 and happy to do whatever we all wanted to do and see.Mom was probably 88 or 89 here

Mom in france with me.  She was in her 80’s

Mom at 91 or 92