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Filitosa was fascinating and the site beautiful.  It is also a Megalithic site. That refers to a period of prehistory when  extremely large stones, together or singly,  were used  to build a monument.  This site was discovered in 1946 by the people ho owned the land. Excavations were started in 1954 by Roger Grojean. He found an abundance of arrow heads and pottery shards. The finds dated back to 3300 BC.   Around 1500 BC, 2-3 metre Menhirs, single large stones dating back to a prehistory time period, were erected. Menhirs in this location are stones that were carved with representations of human faces, armour and weapons. It was thought that the menhirs would protect the inhabitants from the war like people who also lived in the area and were interested in ousting the inhabitants. This was all happening during the Early and Middle Bronze age. (1800-1100 BC)IMG_3383.jpegIMG_3389.jpegIMG_3393.jpegIMG_3404.jpegIMG_3413.jpegIMG_3428.jpegIMG_3446.jpeg