This year I am returning to France a bit earlier than usual.  Late last summer we had an electrical fire at the Mas.  Thunder and lightening and a fire started in the wires.  It was very scary for all who were involved.  But no one was hurt and that is the most important thing.  Jacques and I were not in France at the time.  The Mas was rented out to some lovely people who had just arrived.  My son and daughter-in-law called us with the news, “Mom, Dad, the Mas is on fire.”

The fire traveled along the wires in the wall.  When the black smoke finally broke through, the fire department was called and after a short time, it was put out. We were lucky that the house didn’t burn down.  Stone houses are hard to destroy.   But there was smoke and water damage along with a non functioning electrical system.  Our water comes from a well and of course  electricity is needed for the water to be pumped out.   We also had to deal with the insurance company.

You should all check your home owner’s insurance.  It is more expensive but you all need complete replacement insurance.  Otherwise, in order to do repairs, money will be coming out of your pocket.  Insurance companies really don’t like to give you all the money you will need to replace those things that are damaged and destroyed. We are still working to get money for repairs.

So I’m going back early so that I can take care of some of the painting and furniture issues that that insurance company doesn’t want to do anything about.  Some things will just have to be replaced and repaired with money from the US.  We are very fortunate that, other than having to completely replace the electrical system and some machines that were destroyed by electric surges, most of the damage occurred in the back hallway, the dining room and the living room.