The weather has been all rain and very little in the way of sun or clouds.  But upon our return from Barcelona, it finally warmed up and it actually stopped raining. Our thoughts returned to harvesting olives. We layed our out nets and powered up the electric combs.

The man is going to pour the olives into a machine that blows off the stems and leaves.  Robin and I picked 1 container this morning. The container holds about 350 kgs


This fellow is the Moulin’s watch dog.


Our trees are loaded with olives so we are very excited to see how much oil will get. Let me show you a couple of the trees

The nets we use are 8 meters by 20 meters. We use 4 of them all lined up so the olives scatter on nets and not on the ground.

Has anybody invented a vacuum system so we can suck up the olives and then they will be transférés into the giant crate in our trailer?

The press has closed so we are finished with this year’s harvest.  I need to go out and count up what we actually have but I think it is somewhere around 450 liters of oil this year.