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Before leaving France this past July, I visited a wonderful art exhibit in Aix en Provence.  I drove to Aix with my friend Heather.  This was the first time I had been in the Hotel de Caumont and it is lovely. Starting in July of 2013, the building began a complete restoration program.  I don’t remember the building being open to the public before that date. The restoration is complete and I have included some photos of the building. The Alfred Sisley exhibit opened on June 10th and will run until October 15th.  If you are going to be in Aix en Provence, it is worth the visit. The following are some of my favorite paintings from this exhibition.Alfred Sisley (1839–1899)was a well known Impressionist painter who painted landscapes.  The only time he painted people was to improve or animate his landscapes.  This painting LA GRANDE RUE, was painted in the town of Argenreuil, a small town west of Paris in 1872.LA SEINE A BOUGIVAL 1876LA ROUTE DE SAINT-GERMAIN A MARLY 1872SOU LE PONT DE HAMPTON COURT 1874 was an innovative painting.  Sisley’s view of the bridge is from underneath.PONT DE MORRET 1888 is a much more traditional view of a bridge.

Sisley followed one of the rules set forth by the Impressionist.  That was to paint outside and finish the painting outside.  Both Sisley and Monet like painting during the winter months since they enjoyed painting snow.  They could use the blue and purple tones in their works.  But winter temperatures caused Sisley health issues so later in life he painted during temperate seasons.Approximately sixty of his paintings are included in this exhibition, but quite a few of them are in private collections and thus unknown to the general public.