I’m talking about the little hill (1912 m) called Mont Ventoux.  This is the windy mountain, with wind over 90+ km/h about 340 days out of the year. My son and daughter-in-law decided that it would be fun to ride bikes to the top (son; NIko) and from Bedoin to Sault (daughter-in-law; Robin)

From Bedoin

From Bedoin

dsc02576Robin getting ready for her ride.dsc02580There are three roads to the top.  The road from Bedoin is the most difficult so we took that road.dsc02612 In 1882 a meteorological station was built. Today the station isn’t operating but the 50m-high telecommunications mast, added in the 1960’s, is operational.dsc02607The sky was really this blue!  That’s Provence for you.dsc02624 dsc02627The top of the mountain is limestone.  In the 12th century, the local people cut down  the trees so today there is nothing growing at the summit.  From a distance, and most of the year, it looks like there is snow on the top.  During the winter months this is often true.dsc02628

The grandchildren, my friend Marie and I drove to the top.  The tourists were gone and there weren’t many cyclists.  The sky was blue, the scenery amazing and the drive lovely.