I wanted to show you some photos of the dogs from last weekend’s show in Lompoc, California.  I had a wonderful time talking to the owners and handlers.  All of these people love talking about their passion.  I even made some friends!DSC01994This is an otterhound from England.  The breed dates back from the 1100’s.DSC01990Kuvasz –  big white sheep dogs from Hungary dating from the 1200’sDSC02008Sussex Spaniel come from Britain and date from the 1700’sDSC02041DSC01988Brittany Spaniel – French origin from the 1700’sDSC01989Alaskan Malamute – was developed in Northwestern Alaska by a nomadic Eskimos tribe call the Malamute.  The breed dates back 3000 years

DSC02007Chihuahuas – long hair and smooth coatedDSC02066I think this is a Border Collie.  It is a working dog and needs a job.DSC02088Chinese Crested hairless dog.  Originates from China, Han Dynasty 100BC.  I love this dog because it looks like a horse.  What a reason!!DSC02092Chihuahua – smooth hair dog – from Mexico in 1800’sDSC02094This one is a long haired chihuahuaDSC02099Dalmatian from the former Yugoslavia.  The dog was developed in 1400’sDSC02260Poodle – the breed comes from Germany where it was a water retriever in 1400’sDSC02293Standard poodles. Weird looking coat but the extra hair kept the dog warm.DSC02322 The Afghan Hound is from Afghanistan and developed in the 17th CenturyIMG_4029The Miniature Schnauzer is from Germany. They were developed in the 1400’sDSC02351I think this guy is a Samoyed, a hearding dog from Russia.  1600sDSC02314I’m thinking that this is a Bearded Collie.  They are from Britain from the 1600’sDSC02309Basset Hound is a favorite, here and in Europe.  They were developed in France 1500sDSC02296This adorable dog, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen comes in a small size too, the Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen.  They come from France and I’ve heard that they are pretty close to being the perfect dog.  1700s.  People use the initials GBGV and PBGVDSC02270The Grey Hound is a sight hound and loves to run.  If you want one, think about rescuing one from the track. They are a very ancient breed originally from Egypt/2900 B.C. or earlier.DSC02259The Saluki is probably the oldest purebred dog in existence.  They are from Iran and date back to 3000 BCDSC02256This is an English Mastiff whose name is Cashe.  He weights around 260 pounds. The Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Its family tree is interesting in that they came to Britain via the Roman invaders. The Romans got the dogs from Egypt and before that time they probably came from the Babylonians and Assyrians. The giant Molasses dog (Rome) which is extinct, was probably an ancestor to today’s Mastiff.  They have been in England since 100 BC

When you visit a dog show, there will be vendors selling all kinds of wonderful dog related things.  I bought a collar for my labrador, Pennylane. It was hard to decide….DSC02294