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I had to go back into my collection to find what I wanted with this week’s topic of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smiles

I found that everyone smiles at some time.  But babies really love to smile.  Adults seem to need a reason to smile, happy dogs smile and seeing someone smile makes me want to smile.  But have you noticed that in paintings, people don’t smile so much.  I think it is because of bad teeth.  Your thoughts?DSC00572Grandpa is 98.  He has a lot to smile about.DSC02094 DSC07426 DSC08098 IMG_0074  I got a good hair but that day.IMG_1409This is kind of a smile?IMG_2431Robin reach the top of the mountain.  Of course she was smiling!IMG_2812Juliette is always happy and smiles a lot.