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DSC02250It has been a long time since I’ve been to a dog show.  I noticed that the children really enjoyed it.  Most of them wanted to touch the dogs.  But then again, so do the adults.  Of course you have to ask if you can pat and stroke.  The dogs are so beautiful that you want to see if they are really as soft as they look. The handlers always take a lot of time preparing the dogs.

Don’t ever ask to pat a poodle because it took a really long time to groom them.DSC02070DSC02265DSC02271I loved seeing the kids who are junior handlers.  Some of the teens have been doing it for years and are very professional.  Then there are the newbies.  Fabulous!DSC02278 DSC02277I want to introduce you to Taylor.  She is a wonderful kid.  I have forgotten her dog’s name. Sorry Taylor! This was her very first time showing a dog, a puppy – 8 months old.

I was very impressed with her parents because they were at this show just for her.  During the past several years, Taylor has been bullied at school.  They first moved her to another school and when that didn’t work, the administration didn’t do their job in protecting her, the family moved to another town.  That is love if I ever saw it!  Things are looking up this year and showing her own dog is giving taylor confidence. Yea Taylor!

DSC02264 DSC02276DSC02062Little dogs for future handlers