This is the first time I have ever gone to our local 4th of July parade. I must confess that it was great fun. Here are some photos.

I loved watching the spectators.DSC01877 DSC01878 DSC01879This first group of cars were wonderful. DSC01832There were at least 10 old and local fire trucks in the paradeDSC01871DSC01839I didn’t take her picture, but Miss California was in the first old car of the parade.DSC01830DSC01829This little boy was really driving the car.DSC01868DSC01828DSC01862 The different organizations that entered the parade were wonderful.  There weren’t many bands. This is the Stanford University marching band.DSC01858DSC01851 DSC01884 DSC01887A parade would be incomplete if there weren’t any horses.  These are from the mounted patrol.DSC01864This last man in the jeep is a 3 star general who fought in WW2 Very impressive!!DSC01913 DSC01909