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Everyone has a clock or a watch.  At least I thought so.  Recently I was at an Apple store looking at the Apple watches and the sales person said that the company is hoping to get people back into wearing watches. What!  People under 40 consult their cell phone when they want to know what time it is.  How about that!

This is my submission for clocks for Nancy Merrill’s “a photo a week” challenge – Clocks

I have an Apple watch, and lots of clocks.  I sometimes consult my phone when I want to know the time, but only if I forgot to charge my watch. Recently I changed the clock face and now I get my photos.IMG_3437 IMG_3426

These are the clocks in my kitchen. We rent the house out an this helps our guests.IMG_3417

The laundry room needed an inexpensive but fun clock.IMG_3422

And one of my husband’s friends gave him this big clock when we bought the house.IMG_3423