On a beautiful Sunday in May we headed to our neighboring town to check out the Fete du Printemps. When I heard that there would be sheep, I was really excited.  In fact, 1300 sheep were going to trot down the road that goes through the middle of town.  But I didn’t expect the marching bands, tractors and people in costume.  DSC01357 DSC01359 DSC01364 DSC01387 DSC01402 DSC01360 DSC01366DSC01370DSC01371DSC01362DSC01378DSC01380 In these last 2 pictures you see a single line of horses pulling a cart.  I thought, well that is interesting but then I found out that at the end of the parade, they would be back. The 20 or so horses would be racing around the village.  Each horse is held by one man and they run together as fast as they can.  I have no idea why.

And here are the 1300 sheep. This is part of what is called Transhumance.  The sheep are moved from the pastures in the Crau (this area) to the mountains in the summer.DSC01388 DSC01394 DSC01395 DSC01398 DSC01399And now for the horses and men racing around town. They did it 3 times.DSC01410 DSC01411