The children have colds and it’s drizzling. Niko has decided that he will ride. Robin and I will tend to the wee ones. We will also look for a pharmacy. 

I love shopping in foreign countries. grocery stores are my favorites. Which aisle has the most products? Pharmacies come in second. But when you don’t speak the language and you need to consult with the pharmacist that can be an adventure. 

This is Spain and an island where there are lots of tourists so this should be easy. We will see…  Well I didn’t get to see the inside of the pharmacy. Robin jumped out of the car and found what she needed for poor stuffy Olivier.   

We decided to extend the adventure and drove to Alcudia for lunch.  

 The present town is a walled city from the 14th century. It was originally a Phoenician settlement. Next the Romans arrived.  Eventually the Vandals sacked the city and so when the Moors showed up in 800 AD to build their city they didn’t really have to knock anything down. We should have stayed longer to check out the ruins but it started to rain and the kids were needing a nap. So we got in the car and followed the road to Cap de Formentor.  

 The road to Cap de Formentor is 12 miles of winding – hair pin loops.   

 Cyclists love this road. At the end of the road is a light house 850 feet high.  


  We enjoyed seeing the goats. They were very busy begging from everyone. 

 On either side of the road are steep and very rugged cliffs.  In places there were signs warning hiker to be careful.  



   The area is quite dramatic and as a storm was coming in, it looked like a great place to film a movie.