I arrived in France on Thursday only to repack and leave on Saturday for a 10 day trip to Spain.  Niko, Robin, the 2 children and I took the fast train from Nimes to Barcelona. Sunday morning we flew to Mallorca which takes only 40 minutes. 

You have probably heard of Mallorca and Ibiza which are part of the Balearic Islands. The other 2 islands in the group are Menorca and Formentera. We are here because Niko and Robin wanted to take a cycling vacation. 

They found RIDE CAMP by trek travel. If you want more information about them, contact me with questions. You can also inquire further with Jeff Seltzer at Palo Alto Bicycles. We are staying at the Monnaber Nou Hotel. The hotel is lovely in an old world setting and the food is really worth writing home about.  

Today the “campers” had a choice of the short 80 km ride with about 6,000 vertical feet or the long 125 km ride with about 10,000 vertical feet!  Niko tells me that the scenery was epic. There were endless switchbacks leading down to the coast.  Niko and Robin chose the short circuit as otherwise they thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave me with kids for the entire day.   

I had fun with the two little balls of energy. Olivier is 3 and Juliette is 22 months. I got plenty of exercise chasing Olivier. He was looking for the hotel cats but didn’t tell me that he was leaving. Playing hide and seek with a 3 year old when there is a pool close by isn’t one of my favorite activities.  

 We also wandered around the property.  

   The olive trees here are centuries old.