Today my daughter Lexie sent us a bouquet of flowers.  I found them waiting at my front door. The flowers were from a company called Farm Girl Flowers. This company claims to be different from most because of the following things:Farm Girl Flowers

  1. The flowers are always grown in American.
  2. The delivered arrangement is designer quality. The bouquets are designed daily depending upon what kind of flowers are available and fresh.
  3. The flowers are hand tied and wrapped in reused burlap coffee bags. A velvet ribbon is tied around the outside. Today’s ribbon was white.
  4. Each day the company offers only a few arrangements. This reduces waste.  Instead of 40% there is only about 1%.  They only buy what is fresh on that day.   But you can do special orders, like wedding flowers.
  5. Ordering is easy – online of course. 
It can be done in less than 5 minutes.  (That’s better than finding a parking place!)
  6. When ordering the daily arrangement, the site shows you what is being offered on that day.  They also show pictures of previously sent bouquets so you won’t be surprised.
  7. The flowers are “hand delivered” by a smiling, cheerful person.
  8. Their reviews are good too. 
DSC00917 DSC00918I divided the flowers up into 2 arrangements because there were so many flowers.

Now you might be thinking, why did Lexie and Stephen send us flowers.  She was thanking us for letting her, Stephen and the 3 dogs stay with us for 2 months while their kitchen was being remodeled.  Flowers or no flowers, of course my children are always welcome at my home for as long as they need to stay. But this was a delightful surprise.  Thank you Lexie and Stephen! And thank you Farm Girl.