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I hope you aren’t bored with news about Stella.  She is just so darn cute that I go on and on.

Yesterday, Lexie and I took the dogs for a walk (Dooley-Chihuahua mix, Penny-black lab and the 2 German Shepherds, Izzy and Stella).   They loved the walk and ended up swimming very happily in the bay (San Francisco) or rather one of the inlets that comes from the bay and goes inland. So of course they all needed to be bathed after the swim.  IMG_1157 IMG_1159IMG_1163IMG_1162

Petco has a great set up for giving dogs baths.  And they only charge $10.00 a dog.  Yea, you are right, 4 dogs becomes excessive.IMG_1170 IMG_1169IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1171Today, everyone is clean and smells good. The other 2 also had their baths but they aren’t as cute as Stella.