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The puppy has a name.  Thank you for all of your suggestions.  My daughter finally chose Stella because she seemed to perk up with the Stella/Ella/Bella type name.  But she doesn’t recognize her name so we are working on that with treats.IMG_2283DSC00862

Lexie wants to keep her but her husband isn’t convinced. I’m betting on lexie to win this one.  Stella is settling in very nicely.  We invited my sister’s dogs over for a play date last Sunday.She brought a labrador (Bing) and 3 Sussix Spaniels (Jackie, Jerry and Pinky).  The second lab in the picture, in the back on the right, is my dog, Penny. The small one in the front is lexie’s dog, Doolie.


Then yesterday, 1 puppy turned into 2 puppies. But this morning the magic trick reversed itself and we were back to one puppy.  I can’t image why anyone would want 2 puppies at the same time.  At 12 weeks they are so full of energy and let me tell you about puppy teeth.  OH MY!  (Dino went to live in another foster home.)


Just because Stella is cute, here are a few more photos.DSC00880 IMG_2286

Have any of you had 2 puppies at the same time?