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My daughter Lexie volunteers for German Shepard Rescue of Northern California. She assess dogs of all ages. If they pass the “test ” the dogs are put in a foster home until they can be adopted.

Tonight I came home to find Lexie in the driveway holding a leash. At the end of the leach was a puppy! This puppy is super cute. She is a ball of fluff and is about 13 weeks old

The puppy was found wandering in the street with a second puppy last week. The people who found them took them home and then posted flyers all over the town. One was claimed but no one came forward for puppy number 2.

Lexie decided that we could foster her for a while. Of course she hopes we will keep her. Lexie always hopes that we will keep another dog.

Tonight the little “no name ” puppy is settling in.

We need your help with a puppy name. image image image