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The Christmas trees deck the halls at the San Francisco Symphony.  This December’s program started off at the beginning of the month with Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II.  That was followed with Music for Families, Holiday Brass, A Classic Christmas, Peter and the Wolf, Handel Messiah (this is a sing along program) and today, A Charlie Brown’s Christmas, which appealed to my granddaughters. This was just a few of the programs that were offered here in San Francisco.IMG_0731 IMG_0733We arrived early so as to be able to park and to get a bite to eat.  Once the  patrons found their seats, the lights dimmed, a hush fell over the crowd and the music began.  Randy Fleischer conducted.  If you are familiar with Disney’s Little Mermaid you may be familiar with Jodi Benson.  She was the voice of Ariel.  Not only did she sing several Christmas songs but she sang the title song from the movie.  It was so wonderful to see the children’s faces when they realized who she was.IMG_0746IMG_0747After intermission, the Symphony began to play the music for A Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  I was not expecting to be charmed but the small cast was wonderful.  The granddaughters asked that we return next year.

One of my goals in life is to impart my love of classical music to the Grandchildren.  On Tuesday, we have tickets for The Nutcracker Suite.  I hope that they will enjoy that outing as much as they did today’s.IMG_0738