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In 2008, we bought a Mas (old farm house) in Southern France. As most of you who have been following my blog know, we now come twice a year for or so 2 months each time. We arrive in Provence in the fall to pick olives and in the spring and summer to be here for the people who rent our house. Sometimes we stay over the Christmas Holidays and sometimes we head back to California midway through December.

For my first Christmas, I was at a total loss as to where I should buy my Christmas tree. I am use to Christmas tree lots with lots of trees. I was at a loss until I discovered that here in France, you can buy them at the grocery store (small trees), at the florist (few trees), at the garden supply store (lots of trees), and sometimes you will find someone who sells trees out of his garden(really?).

A week ago, Robin and I packed up the grandchildren and the straps to tie the tree to the top of the car. Just outside the near by town of Mouries, there is a man who sells “just” harvested trees out of his IMG_0591IMG_0584garden.

The tree seller remembered us from past years and found us the “perfect tree”. He even gave the children cute Christmas hats.IMG_0585IMG_0589IMG_0592

The tree came home and Robin and Niko set it up in their living room. I wandered over and when I arrived, the completely decorated tree was lying on the floor. This is not a good sign. Niko had the broom out and was sweeping up and  yelling at the children and the dogs to move away from the broken ornaments.

This was not a good tree after all. What we needed was a chain saw and we don’t have one. This tree was just too crooked. The tree fell over 3 times. 6-8 glass ornaments were lost and of those, three were Baby’s First Christmas ones. It was finally undecorated and thrown outside. Niko put it back on the top of the car.

Robin returned it to the tree seller the next day. You must remember that this is France and most of the people who sell things are not necessarily thinking of the customer. But the tree seller and his wife agreed that she needed a new tree. He exchanged the tree for one that was straight and didn’t fall over. How about that!IMG_0645