What horrible news the world has been hearing about France. People were shot and killed in 6 locations in Paris.   127 people were killed and this could be the worse  attack to the city since World War 2. There are still at least 300 people who are badly injured and at least 80 who could die at any time. France has declared a national state of emergency and is tightening its borders. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.

To me this feels a lot like 9-11. The government has closed down Paris. Transportation has been stopped and schools and businesses are closed. Museums, sporting events and other forms of entertainment have also been closed. People have been asked to stay at home and 1500 military personal will be assigned to Paris. People are afraid. On Monday at noon, there will be a minute of silence to honor those who died.

Apparently European Security people have long expected European cities to be attacked. The Paris attacks resembled tactics that have been used by a number of terror groups in other locations. Of course they have been monitoring everything suspicious but how do you see what now looks like normal people doing normal things?

I live half the year in Provence,  in a very small town. We were not directly touched by this terrible event but we do have lots of friends who we worry about in Paris. I have been reaching out to them today. So far, everyone is fine.

I am also supposed to take the TGV to Paris on Wednesday. If I go, I will be visiting my cousins Barbara and Rene. My husband thinks it’s a bad idea. He wants me to stay home. I am still planning on going if I can get there by train. I think that Paris will be very safe with all of the police and military people on the streets. I am hoping that Paris life will resume by Wednesday or Thursday.

If you had a trip planned to Paris, would you go?