Yes indeed, we will start picking our olives tomorrow.  We have a total of 700 trees of many sizes.  There are quite a few that are very small and after owning this farm for about 8 years, we finally have some good sized trees. IMG_0059Out of the 700 trees, I counted about 200 trees with olives.  That isn’t very much considering that I only counted trees with more than 50 or so olives.IMG_0047 IMG_0044When friends come to help with the harvest, rule number one is to feed them lunch.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwich doesn’t count.  Today, Robin and I drove to a farm down the road and bought a beautiful leg of lamb.  (Remember, this is sheep country.) I’m aiming for 1:00 PM lunch, medium rare meat so I think that 2 hours at 325 degrees should work out. Of course we will serve local wine, some fresh vegetables and cheese.  Hungry yet?  I’m expecting about 10 people.  We should have been at least 4 more, but those people couldn’t come or they were afraid of my cooking…..?

I hope that I will have lots of 2015 olive oil and be able to bring it back to California in my suitcase.  We are preparing for the day when we will really have oil to sell.