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California is in a drought.  We have been asked to cut back water usage by 25 – 36%.  I am very lucky because all my outdoor water comes from a well.  I can use a bit more water than some of my neighbors.  However, we have to cut back inside and that can be difficult. There are only 2 of us and we cut back last year.

Usually, this time a year, my garden is amazing.  This year, there are very few flowers. The dogs and I walked around and they helped me take photos.  Yes there were tails in the photos but those were deleted.DSC00387 DSC00388 DSC00389 DSC00396 DSC00398 DSC00399 DSC00400 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00405 DSC00406 DSC00407 DSC00408 DSC00410 DSC00411 DSC00412 DSC00414 DSC00415 DSC00416 DSC00417 DSC00418 DSC00387 DSC00385 DSC00384 DSC00383 DSC00382 DSC00378 DSC00377 DSC00369 DSC00370 DSC00374There is your tour.  At least I have a few flowers.