My daughter, Lexie is a volunteer for German Shepard Rescue of Northern California.  She frequently asks me to foster one of the dogs in the program.  Let me step back and remind all of you that we are finally at the end our home repair project.  We had a flood last May and the kitchen/family room and office floors were ruined.  The office carpet and walls were also damaged.  Today the floors looks marvelous and the thought of bringing in a dog didn’t sit well. I didn’t want the floors scratched.

But being the wonderful Mom that I am, i said, yes but only for today. (this was last Saturday) We still have the dog and will be keeping him until next weekend.  There is good news here.  This is probably a perfect dog.  Yes, I know, he is on good behavior for a while.  He is calm, affectionate, polite, doesn’t bark and sits when asked.  He doesn’t respond to a name but then, we don’t know what his name is and he hasn’t told me.  I am calling him Buddy and sometimes he responds.  This may be a “Who me?” kind of situation.IMG_5885I have to add that I already have a dog.  Her name is Pennylane.  She is the labrador retriever that you see in the photos.  This evening Penny wanted me to throw a ball for her.  Buddy thought the activity was great fun for a short time, but he wasn’t too keen on chasing the ball.

DSC00363DSC00361DSC00358DSC00362 DSC00360DSC00359IMG_5896This is one very sweet dog.  Jacques even suggested that we adopt him….  Don’t tell Lexie!!