Maybe some of you can relate to this story…  In May, I was already in Provence but my husband, Jacques, was still in California.  One beautiful morning he woke up, got dressed and went into the kitchen where a flood was awaiting him.  We have an instant hot water dispenser at the kitchen sink.  The filter had become clogged and the thing broke apart, letting water gush all through the kitchen and family room and then into the office for hours.  Jacques quickly turned off the water, and called the insurance company.  They sent out people who pulled up the hardwood floor and started the giant fans.  The fans stayed on for a week before the floor and some walls were pronounced dry.IMG_5372

IMG_5371Here you can see where they had to cut away the drywall because of the water damage.  Then Jacques and the workmen discovered that there were linoleum tiles under the carpet in the office.  I would have said, no biggie, but the glue that held the tiles had asbestos in it.  That meant that other specialists had to be sent out to deal with the situation.  They removed half of the tiles and rug and Jacques decided to wait until my return to finish the job.IMG_5336Jacques got bids from contractors and submitted his findings to the insurance company.  But there wasn’t enough time before he was scheduled to leave for France for the work to be completed.

I returned to California on June 30th and now it was my turn to get involved.  This past week the contractor and the asbestos people started work.  I signed new contracts since we decided to do a bit of updating that won’t be covered by insurance. Instead of carpet we will put hardwood in the office and in the living room.  We also decided to remove the wood paneling in the office and will paint.  By next Friday, I will have to decide on a color. I will need help for that decision.IMG_5367The the rug and tiles are now gone. One wall with wood paneling has also been removed by the asbestos people. You can see the subfloor and we are down to the studs. The remaining wall that still has paneling has another layer of wood under it and thus no asbestos so the contractor will remove it.IMG_5369IMG_5335IMG_5370I thought you would enjoy, maybe not the best word, the photos of the damage.  In the pictures of the family room, you will see that not all of the floor has been removed.  That work is scheduled to start next Monday, providing that the asbestos clearance is given.  I want to thank Hartford Insurance for stepping up to the plate.  Thus far, it has been a pleasure to work with them.IMG_5337In the living room, the carpet will come out and be replaced by hardwood. (Our expense) And finally, the garage.IMG_5334All the furniture is now in the garage.  I am really excited about our new indoor/outdoor white plastic carpeting! My car isn’t so excited about being outside.

If you have had a similar experience and want to share….