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We returned to Punta Arenas and flew north to Puerto Montt. The following day we headed to an area where people from Germany settled in the mid-1800’s.   We visited a fascinating museum that was put together by the grandson of one of the German settlers.The house was an original home of the settlers.DSC07272DSC07230 DSC07281 DSC07254 DSC07258Next we stopped at a small fishing port of Angelmo. The town is known for seafood and handicrafts. I was more impressed, negatively, by all of the abandoned dogs. The guide said that the people who live here take care of the dogs, but frankly, I don’t buy that. They were not in very good shape.DSC07310 DSC07311This is dried and bundled seaweedDSC07314 DSC07322 DSC07309 DSC07336 DSC07324These are street dogs that made me very sad.

The following day we visited Osorno Volcano. It has a perfect conical shape and looks like Mt Fuji. During the winter months this volcano is a ski resort. It made me a bit nervous since it is considered active, but the last time it erupted was in 1869.The road trip up was in the fog and when we went down, we could see the scary switchbacks.DSC07181DSC07179DSC07126DSC07194DSC07131It was possible to walk up the volcano to the first chairlift.DSC07149CNN photosCalbuco Volcano from a CNN photo – March 2015  As of June 2015 the volcano was steaming.

Osorno volcano along with its neighbor, Calbuco are two of Chile’s most active volcanos.  Luckily neither erupted while we were visiting.  Our last stop was at a lovely spot Petrohue Waterfalls. From this location we could see the Calbuco volcano. This is the one that in April sent 6000+ people fleeing the area due to 3 eruptions. The last major eruption from Calbuco was in 1972.