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DSC06713This park is is made of 700 sq. miles of land and is also a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve with ancient glaciers, jagged mountain peaks, turquoise colored lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and interesting plants and animals. Have you ever been to a place that is really unspoiled?  Well this is it! The scenery is beautiful, unspoiled and of course remote.  The remoteness adds to the charm of the park, which  was created in 1959.DSC06894 DSC06732 DSC06900 DSC06913 DSC06773 DSC06876 DSC06722Most visitors are attracted to the Paine Massif. This mountain is made of granite and other kinds of rock. The rock is composed of contrasting igneous (Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma.  Magma is the molten rock inside the volcano.  Once it comes out it is called lava.), Sedimentary (Big and little rocks and pieces of rocks are deposited in layers in the earth) and metamorphic (rocks that are changed by heat, pressure, or a combination of both). What is wonderful is that you can see evidence of all these kinds of rock formations. The rock formations in this park are unique in the world. I never expected to be so fascinated by the rocks.20150308_161527 DSC06815 20150308_165236 (1) 20150308_124214 DSC06792DSC06852DSC06799I was hoping to see some of the 26 different kinds of mammals and the 106 different species of birds that live here.   I really wanted to see the guanaco, a wild cousin of the llama, the Darwin’s rhea, a smaller version of the ostrich and of course the Andes’ Condor. I got to see all of them.DSC06946 DSC06952 DSC07000DSC07035