I really enjoyed this trip.  My favorite part aside from the landscape and the geology was the animals. Here are some of my animal photos.DSC06078DSC06354DSC06402 DSC06336I could give you penguin photos all day. These birds are so much fun and I loved photographing them. SO the Guanacos were my next favorite animalsDSC06953 DSC06959 DSC06929 DSC06932These guys and gals are in the same family as llamas and related to camels.DSC07329Fur seals or sea lions – I’m not sure whichDSC07058Smaller cousin to an ostrich – this is a South American RheaDSC06976Fox looking for something.DSC06446I got so upset about all the stray dogs in Patagonia.  We were told that they are taken care of but I don’t think that they were were looked after.  I saw quite a few that had me in tears.DSC07366DSC07120Black neck swansDSC06602 DSC06604Other cool birds and the last one is another favorite 20150310_103129This is an extinct animal – the Milodon.  We visited a cave where it had once lived between 10,000 and 14,500 years ago.  It was an ancient relative to the modern sloth but measured about 2 meters from head to tail. He had scary claws but was a herbivore.