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It seems so long ago when my husband and I took off for Patagonia. We left San Francisco on February 25th and returned on March 16th. I am sorry that it is taking me so long to write this part of the blog. Just days after arriving, I started to loose my voice. Since I love to talk, I wasn’t particularly happy about that development. I felt fine but like all but 3 people on this excursion, I developed what we called the Patagonia Plague. A month later, I got well but only with the help of antibiotics. I heard later that this “bug” was something that people caught worldwide.

My last Patagonia Blog talked about Ushuaia, Argentina. This town is located 3 hours by plane, south of Buenos Aires. This is when I realized how big the continent of South America really is. It was such a thrill for me to travel all the way to the bottom of America.DSC05704DSC05762The town of Ushuaia started off in the late 1800’s as a penal colony. But people had been passing by for a long time before. In 1520, Ferdinand Magellan sailed through the straights and was thus the first European to do so. He called the land “Tierra de los Fuegos” (Land of fire). During the next 100 years many sailors came through the straight and all had to endure violent storms and fights with the natives.DSC05729 DSC05711 DSC05702 DSC05799I really enjoyed the excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park. I had my passport stamped at the southern most post office in the world and we walked along the shoreline.DSC05838 DSC05843 DSC05835DSC05872DSC05856The trees in this part of the country are Beech.  They have very shallow roots since the ground is mostly rock (shale).IMG_4817 IMG_4816We got our passports stamped here.  This is the southern most post office in America.20150304_163826 DSC05935It was pretty cold so I was wearing lots of layers.  I look like a sausage.DSC05928We boarded the M.V. Stella Australis late in the afternoon. This ship was built to take passengers through the Beagle and Murray channels and the Straights of Magellan. The ship is only 5 years old, has 100 cabins and holds up to 210 passengers.  This is a picture of our cabin which was very comfortable.our room on shipThe photo comes from the M.V. Stella Australis’ website.

There is more to come…