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On our 3-day cruise, our first stop was to Cape Horn. This is the southern most land before Antarctica (700 miles further south). We were extremely lucky that the seas were calm and that we could land. By the way, this is also where the Atlantic and the Pacific meet which is why the seas can be so rough. We were told to watch for sea lions and Antarctic fur seals during the cruise to Cape Horn National Park. I didn’t see anything but sea birds.DSC05990People are climbing up the steep stairs to the flat part of Cape HornDSC05972 DSC06008You can see progress as people climb to the top and on toward the memorial statue.DSC05980 DSC06024 DSC05977When they told us to bring waterproof clothing, they really knew what they were talking about.  I didn’t bring waterproof gloves and was sorry that I didn’t have them.DSC06068 DSC06078Sea birds DSC06046And finally the sun came out


In the afternoon we stopped at a spot on Wulaia Cove for a guided walk. I decided to take the walk with medium difficulty. I think it was the most difficult one since it went straight up the mountain. The views were fabulous but I didn’t last to the end.DSC06230DSC06108DSC06106DSC06246DSC06118DSC06147DSC06177DSC06192DSC06109DSC06149DSC06205DSC06200Hand railing DSC06261Map of territories for indigenous people.20150305_165259 (1)Coming and going to the zodiacs and the shipDSC06260DSC06259The next day we cruised in Agostini Sound. The massive glaciers were spectacular. The day ended at Aguila Glacier, and an easy walk on the shore of a lagoon. I didn’t take any pictures because I forgot to put the memory card back into my camera. I can’t believe I did that!DSC06263 20150306_165058 (1)20150306_162906DSC06265DSC06269We walked along the shore and then up to the glacier.  DSC06098On the last day, we cruised to Magdalena Island where more than. This is where the 120,000 Magellanic penguins call home. The chicks hatched in November so they were quite large and also quite noisy, calling for food. As you probably guessed, these penguins were named after Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer, who spotted the birds in 1520.DSC06281I apologize about the quality of this photo.  But I thought it would be more interesting with it than without it.DSC06354 DSC06288 DSC06300 DSC06386I think that the penguin with the open mouth is called for food.DSC06376 DSC06340 DSC06302 DSC06310We finally said good-bye to the ship in Punta Arenas, Chile and then drove to the magnificent park – Torres del Paine.