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I love it when I get a window seat and the sky is clear.  The other day, I flew a Lufthansa flight from Marseille, France to Munich, Germany.  Then about an hours and a half later we boarded another plane, this time to San Francisco.  Since we left at a late hour, there wasn’t much to see out the window.

Here are some of the photos.DSC05009I see that the runway in Marseille extends into the bay.DSC05018As we flew along the coast, you can see all the ports along the city of Marseille.DSC05017The entrance to the Vieux Port in Marseille.DSC05013A close up of Mont St. Victoire and the southern Alps in the distanceDSC05019Mont St. VictoireDSC05020Another mountain range a bit more to the east of Marseille and Aix en Provence.DSC05025AlpsIMG_4441DSC05043Germany, close to Munich

And then we flew away into the sunset!DSC05048

Yes, I am now back in California.  I will return to Provence in the spring.  How I hate jet lag!