So here are the big questions.  Are you ready?  Did you buy all the gifts and better yet, are they wrapped?  Will you put them under the tree now or will Santa be putting them under the tree?  Are your menus planned?  Have you started cooking?

This Christmas, my family has joined us here at the Mas.  Everyone was invited but they were not all able to come.  My husband, Jacques and I have welcomed our three children, with their families, my sister and one of her children (husband and son included) and my Mom.  We have lots of children – Sophie who is 8, Gigi who is 5, Luc who is 2 1/2, Tyler and Olivier who are 22 months (cousins) and little Juliette who is 6 months.  So we decided that Santa will be bringing gifts for the children and we adults will just feed each other our favorite meals.

Tonight we had soup, telline, cheese, salad and brownies.  Telline are tiny clams that are barely cooked in a fry pan and then covered in aioli sauce.  You eat them with your fingers. They are so good.  I think this is a local recipe.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 10.39.00 PM

All my gifts have been wrapped and we are ready for the big day.  The refrigerator has way too many things in it.  Oh woops, we are missing some red wine.  Luckily, this is the country of olive groves and plenty of places to buy wine.  I will send someone out to buy a case or two.

So tomorrow’s plans include cooking and a morning visit to the village of Les Baux.  The climb to the top should wear out the little ones.

Here are some photos I took last night of the living room.  I needed to know if Santa would be able to find his way to the tree.DSC04480 DSC04499 DSC04496 DSC04486

Thank you for following my blog and liking what I write.  I would like to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season.