We needed more firewood for the our homes in the South of France, the Bergerie and the Mas. Niko and Robin live in a renovated sheep barn called the Bergerie and we live in a 300 year old house, the Mas. Both houses are on the same property.

IMG_0098Bergerie (only the front part)

SONY DSC Mas (old farm house)

Niko and Robin put in a serious wood-burning fireplace last year that also heats their house. It was necessary when one winter, the temperature dropped to 32 degrees inside and it was warmer outside than inside. photo 5

In the Mas, we have a large fireplace and were completely out of wood (not shown).  Niko ordered 25 cords of wood (4 feet high and 8 feet long), in French it is called a stere (120 m3) so that he would have dry wood next year and useable wood this year. I wanted to show you how it was delivered.




Its great to have wood again and a fire in the fireplace even if it is a bit smokey.