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The Festival of Light is taking place in Lyon, France between December 5-8th, 2014.  If you really hate crowds, stay home but if you are game, then make your reservations for next year, right now!

What a fun weekend!  When I learned about this festival last year, I decided that we had to go.  So I made our reservations at the new Novotel Hotel at Confluene a year in advance.  We took the TGV from Avignon to Lyon even with a threat of a train strike.  After all, this is France and they are always striking for something.

Niko, Robin and the children decided to come too, but Jacques decided to stay home.  He said that with an expected influx of visitors of approximately 3 million, and a cold, well this short trip wasn’t for him.  This festival has it roots back in 1852 when the city was preparing to celebrate the installation of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the Chapel on the Fourvière Hill.

On Friday night, we met up with Niko’s friends, Thierry and Delphine for dinner.  Then we headed out for the theater in the streets. I must say that we had no idea where we were going but that didn’t stop us.  First stop was Cathedral Saint-Jean and a lovely show called “Color or Not”.IMG_1537IMG_1503Then we walked to the Place Bellecour where “Night Dreams” was taking place. When we crossed the bridge from the Old town you could see the The Fourvière Basilica, on the hill, changing colors.DSC04425IMG_1558IMG_1552This is the ferris wheel in Place Bellecour, and close by there were arial artists hanging in the night.IMG_1553On Saturday evening we only had time to see 1 light show, at the Place des Jacobins.  Our amazing dinner at the 1 star restaurant; Les Terrasses de Lyon kept us at the table until almost midnight. We walked down the hill to the center of town.  (My fitbit said that we walked about 6 miles on Saturday.)DSC04423View on the way down the hill.DSC04420Great restaurant!IMG_1545This show was called “The night light of the Jacobins”. After a quick metro ride and a tram ride, we made it back to our hotel at 1:30 A.M..IMG_1501“Light me Up”. at Confluence.

I think we will have to go back next year.  There is so much more to see! And since this is Lyon, there is so much more to eat!