So tomorrow is the day when we all will be eating too much turkey, if you are an American, are married to one, or are living in America.  This year I am in France and our Thanksgiving dinner will be at my daughter-in-law’s house but that didn’t get me out of cooking for the 15 people who are coming at 7:00 pm. My job is to make 1 pumpkin pie, prepare the roasted vegetables and I am also in charge of the turkey gravy. The first 2 are easy as the pie is finished and the vegetables will be a snap.  But I always worry about the gravy.

Robin has assigned dishes to her guests. Robin will be cooking the turkey, the stuffing and a sweet potato pie. Her friend Lizzy is bringing the mashed potatoes. Unfortunately the person who was to bring the wine fell and is in the hospital for a few days so this will have to be revisited. But we will send a basket to the hospital so that Isabelle won’t miss out on the amazing food. I don’t remember the run down for the remaining guests.

I really love Thanksgiving because there are fewer expectations than at Christmas. Since there are no presents involved, I can just enjoy the company and the food. For many years, Thanksgiving was the holiday when I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles on my Mom’s side of the family. At least 40 people got together and this didn’t include all “stray” friends that had no family in the area.  I will miss the football games here in France. Now that is too bad but if it isn’t raining we will be able to go for a nice walk before everyone arrives.

I hope that all of you will have a wonderfully relaxed day, and many things that bring you joy and thanks.