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I know what your first thought is when you saw my title – In-laws.  You were thinking that I am going to complain.  But no!  I love having in-laws and perhaps one of the best things about being married is getting this new set of family members.

I love my family so getting more people was great.  Yes, it took a while to get use to them.  No, I didn’t just get married.  I’ve been married to my husband, Jacques, for 42 years.  Its been hard, its been a challenge and its been great.  The in-laws fall in the same categories.

You might have noticed that my husband’s name is Jacques and yes, he a French.  That has also been part of the wonderful experience.  We have lived in France and the US.  These days we live in both places.  I am a very lucky woman. Having children and grandchild is right up there with all this wonderfulness.

But this blog is about the in-laws.  Jacques’ mom is 91 and his father is 96 and they are both going strong.DSC04161This past weekend we drove to Rodez.  Recently, Jacques and his sisters realized that the parents could no longer live alone.  So they did the research and were able to find them a retirement/nursing home.  It has been a difficult adjustment.  And, since Jacques and I were in California, we couldn’t help his sisters with the cleaning out of the apartment where Lily and Raymond lived for the past 35 years.

So, they have settled in and from time to time think they would be better off in their old apartment.  That is no longer possible.  My son, Laurent and his family will be visiting with Grandma and Grandpa this December and then in January, my daughter, Lexie and her husband will visit.  Niko and Robin live here, so they go to see them from time to time.DSC04159

Yes, I love having In-laws.