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With much excitement, I went to see the new Anderson Collection in its new museum on the Stanford University Campus, in Stanford, California. It is located next door to the Cantor Arts Museum. Harry and Mary Margret Anderson (Hunk and Moo) started collecting modern and contemporary American art in the mid 1960’s. Their collection is extraordinary! This new permanent exhibit is comprised of 121 works by 86 artists. Right now, there are 104 of the 121 pieces on view. These works represent only a small part of their entire collection.  Other works have been donated to other museums; DSC03734

What is amazing is that all of the pieces were at one time in the Anderson’s home. Richard Olcott of Ennead Architects designed the beautiful 30,000 sq. foot building for the Collection. The building was finished in May and the grand opening was just the other day, September 21st.Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.29.15 PMIn the entry are 2 colorful sculptures. I took a picture of Charles Arnoldi’s “Untitled 1”, 1983. After, not buying a ticket; the museum is FREE, you can watch a 9 minute film about the Anderson’s. Then you come to the fabulous staircase which will take you to the second floor where most of the art has been installed. My photos don’t do the collection justice. You need to come and see it yourself! Thank you Hunk , Moo and daughter Putter!DSC03745 Charles Arnoldi’s Untitled 1, 1983

DSC03746 DSC03740  At the top of the stairs the exclamation is wow!DSC03749Clyford Still, 1957-J No. 1 (PH-142), 1957

DSC03751Joan Mitchell, Before, Again IV, 1985DSC03755Wayne Thiebaud, Candy Counter, 1962DSC03757Bruce Beasley, Killyboffin, 1968DSC03761DSC03762_2Robert Irwin, Untitled, 1969 (Acrylic lacquer on cast acrylic).  The above 2 photos are of the same piece. DSC03766Swing around the corner and you come upon these pieces.DSC03768_2Terry Winters, Theophrastus’ Garden, 1949 (Oil on Linen)DSC03771Deborah Oropallo, Houdini Challenged, 1990 (Oil on canvas)DSC03777_2David Gilhooly, Hoarding My Frog Food, 1982DSC03792_2Paul Wonner, Figure by Window, 1962 (Oil on canvas) DSC03793Richard Diebenkorn, Girl on the Beach, 1957 (Oil on canvas)DSC03795DSC03799_2Franz Kline, Transfiguration III, 1958DSC03801Robert Motherwell, Wall Painting No. IV 1954 (Oil on canvas)DSC03803Willem De Kooning, Untitled, 1986DSC03805Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.28.27 PM

“The Andersons have always considered themselves “custodians” of their collection, which they have shared widely through loans to museums and special exhibitions. Especially noteworthy were Celebrating Modern Art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and An American Focus at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.”photo

There is your quick visit to the Anderson Collection.  Let me know if you get a chance to see the collection and if you enjoyed it as much as I did.