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The Connoisseurs Marketplace also features art.  I have a few favorite artists that show up each year. I own 3 etchings by Terry Steinke that I bought at past art shows.  Here are 2 that I wouldn’t mind owning.  Summer Fog Misty Ridge There are a lot of artists at these shows. You can see more of Andrew Butler’s photographs on his website. IMG_3889 IMG_3885Ian Ely was born in California. He loved camping and nature and this became the focus of his photography. Be sure to check out his website because his photos really show up well.

Eileen Goldenberg is another of my favorite artists who shows at this street fair.  From her website: “Minimal art these days is rare, but I am driven to explore this direction. I am working in encaustic, an ancient and very cutting edge material. It is meticulous and time intense work, but worth the effect I can achieve.”IMG_3893

IMG_3880 IMG_3857 IMG_3865 IMG_3879 IMG_3901 This artist works in thread.  Yan Inlow does embroidery but not just a pillow or glasses cases.  This woman is amazing. On her website you will be able to see how she does the embroidery. “I have been doing embroidery since I was 10 years old. I was taught by my mother because I needed to help her on her own embroidery work.” She is a local artist from Alameda, California.  Her full size pieces are extraordinary.IMG_3907 IMG_3910

IMG_3869   I will finish with this artist, Sheila Collins who works in fabric.  Sheila Collins started sewing at the age of 7 and never looked back.