“The Disappearance of the Fireflies” is the Art Exhibit presently being shown in Avignon in the Prison St. Anne.  This exhibit  features the Lambert Collection.  IMG_1274The art is shown in the prison cells, the corridors and certain courtyards of the prison. This is not an enjoyable and easy to experience exhibit.  I certainly wouldn’t bring children.  It was an interesting location for an art exhibit.  The paint on the walls is pealing. The colors in the cells are harsh.  There are bars everywhere.  Did I mention that this was a prison?IMG_1279

This prison closed in 2003 and has been the subject of discussion since then.  Plans were discussed to make the building into a fine hotel because of the location. This building was originally built as a prison and served as such for over 130 years. I wonder if I would be comfortable staying in such a building.  It is an interesting location for an art exhibition containing more than 500 artworks.IMG_1275 IMG_1277

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The exhibit will be shown at the old prison until November 25, 2014
La disparition des lucioles / The disappearance of the fireflies
Prison de Sainte-Anne, Avignon