As you now know, my father-in-law turned 96 at the end of June.  We drove to Rodez which is a 3 hours drive from our farm in Maussane. Rodez is extremely old, dating back 1000 years.  Nothing much from that period exists today.


On our first evening in town, we ate at a restaurant call Carte Blanche which is housed in a 16th Century building.  This is the oldest part of Rodez that is still standing.DSC02400

The dining room was originally a stable.  The wooden beams you can see in the photo are original.  This fireplace, now used as a bar has parts that date back to the 12th century. Note also the pieces of decorated stone, also from the 12th century.DSC02379 DSC02377 DSC02378


The restaurant manager led me out to the courtyard where  it was fascinating to see the details of the old building. I thought the staircase was especially beautiful.

DSC02380 DSC02382 DSC02383 DSC02385 DSC02386 DSC02384DSC02387 DSC02390 DSC02397

This door, in the dining room, is original from the 16th century.  It closed automatically with a pulley system on the back side.


It would certainly be lovely to have a front door like this one.