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I love a good road trip.  One of the most interesting things about France is how diverse it is.  Provence is relatively dry compared to the rest of France.  But then again, the weather is better than in other parts of the countryDSC02264 This tower fascinates me.  I really like the iron work at the top.

I take a lot of photos from the front seat of the car, since getting my husband to stop is practically impossible. This was our little trip to Rodez to celebrate my father-in-law’s 96th birthday.  DSC02280 DSC02407 DSC02313 DSC02307 DSC02299 DSC02296 DSC02479 DSC02470 DSC02463 DSC02451DSC02408DSC02434

The Cathedral you see in this photo is the second one that was built in Rodez. The first Cathedral dated from about the year 500.  France wasn’t a very peaceful country in those centuries and the Cathedral needed to be rebuilt.  Somewhere after 1200 work started.  In the following centuries, constructions stopped because of the plague and a variety of wars but it was finally completed around 1531.

The stone used is red sandstone. The cathedral was part of the walls that surrounded Rodez and the towers were part of the defense of the city.