I got this picture in an email today.  The photo/ad is stunning and as I look at it, I dream of being that elegant Parisian, stylishly dressed to do my errands and luncheon with my friends, both here in France and in California.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.09.52 PM

I love the purse but my keys would be at the bottom and I would have to dump everything out to find them as well as my pen, my wallet and my sun glasses.  I guess I am the country mouse in my jeans and tennis shoes.  I only wear heals if I Have to and the H in have is capitalized.

It would be sad to have to yell at my dog Penny, and tell her that the dirty paws and wet (from the pool) body have to stay far away from my linen skirt and silk blouse. I go to Paris quite regularly, but I still don’t pull off this fabulous look.  Is this your daily look or are you in jeans and tees too?