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That is pretty typical of the weather here in Provence and this is why people who live in the north make the trek to sunny Provence.  Though I think that most of France was sunny today.

Table de Meunier

Today is Sunday and like a good French family, we went out for a nice Sunday lunch.  (I confess, that we do this in California too.)  We decided on La Table du Meunier, one of our favorite restaurants located in the small town of Fontvieille.  This town is about a 20-minute drive from out house. Robin suggested an early lunch around noon because of the baby, Olivier.   I called Thierry who is the owner and he said sure, as long as we could come early because he had 2 large parties coming.  He wanted us around noon.  They were obviously ganging up on me.  DSC01828


There are so many things to like about this restaurant.  First is the private parking behind the restaurant. Another is the outdoor seating on the terrace.  Thirdly, the owner is an original who welcomes you like you were one of his family.  And of course there is the food. The dishes are excellent and Thierry and his wife change up the menu often enough than you don’t get bored with the cooking, if you are like us and come every few months.


Olivier has been learning baby signing.  This means more.  It would be coming, just not fast enough.

DSC01832 DSC01843

Thierry loves to take selfies. He took quite a few with his camera too.  DSC01830

Lunch was a success and we will be back.  If you want more information about this restaurant, check out Trip Advisor under the town of Fontveille in France.