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Periodically, I play the lottery.  Perhaps you do too.  We all dream about the one or two things that we would buy or do if we won. My number one thing is to fly on private planes.  But without winning that is just too expensive for most of us mortals.

But I just found out that this is possible for many of us ordinary people.  No, I’m not kidding.  The trick to this is to find out if a private plane will be flying “empty” on a route that interests you.  This is called an “empty leg”.  Instead of flying with no passengers, the companies will sell the seats, at a discount price.

I don’t know what the prices are, but I understand that they start at $536 one way.  No, that’s not per person, that is for the entire jet.  It is possible to find empty seats in America, Europe and it maybe possible in other parts of the world too.

From their website

From their website

Two of the private plane companies that do this are Magellan Jets and JetSuite.  JetSuite flies Embraer and Citation jets to over 2000 airports.  You can find the deals on their websites as well as on Facebook and Twitter. (click on the links.)

There are some rules.  You must be flexible and willing to fly out of the smaller airports.  If your flight is canceled, they will refund your money but they won’t find you another flight.  You will have to do the legwork.  I think this sounds like a great adventure.  If you are like me, you will check it out and maybe without winning the lottery we will be flying private!